Grade 60/70

Grade 60/70

Description of bitumen 60/70

Bitumen penetration grade 60/70 means the penetration value is in the range between 60 to 70 mm/10 at standard test conditions which commonly used as a paving grade.Its penetration grade ( the measure of bitumen hardness) is between 60 to 70.

Bitumen is specified by the penetration and softening point test. Designing is by penetration range only. The penetration grade bitumen has a thermoplastic property which causes the material to soften at high temperatures and to harden at lower temperatures. This unique temperature-viscosity relationship is important when determining the performance parameters such as the adhesion, rheology, durability and application temperatures of bitumen.
The Bitumen mode is dependent on temperature. The temperature-vs-stiffness relationship of bitumen is dependent on the type of crude oil and its refining method.

Bitumen penetration grade 60/70 is semi-hard penetration grade bitumen used as a paving grade bitumen which is suitable for road construction and repair.

Bitumen 60/70 is one of the most used bitumen grades and it’s a basic material for all other bituminous products.

Penetration determines the hardness of bitumen by measuring the depth to which a standard loaded the needle will vertically penetrate in 5 seconds, in a sample of bitumen maintained at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

How you buy high quality bitumen 60/70?

Quality of bitumen has many items to check but after passing the penetration and you make sure it is in order with very simple test you can recognize the quality is good or bad:

  • Less smell means low sulphur(somebody adding sulphur to bitumen to get weight)
  • Viscosity in range(Somebody using vacuum resin instead of vacuum bottom and harm quality)
  • Spot test must be negative( Simple factories heating by direct fire and burning the bitumen)

From which factory you have to buy bitumen 60/70?

There are four types of bitumen factories and investment cost and quality respectively different as below:  

Bitumen factory with continuous production line

If factory produce bitumen continuously the bitumen price is higher and quality is the best and TFOT and ageing test of bitumen also will pass (Our factory is producing base on continues technology)

Bitumen factory blending type

Blending production which is last option for the buyer since it has always problem on viscosity and the wax content is too high and very difficult to use in asphalt.

Packing of bitumen

1.Bitumen in drum.

  • It is 180 (+/-2.5) Kg New Steel Drum, Original Package,98cm heright,50cm diameter,10cm dip and 1cm lip also 0.6 mm thickness of Drum/Each 20” FCL: 110 Drums.
  • in 150 kg steel drum is 6cm height and 50cm diameter 110 drum per 20ft.It is exporting to Bangladesh and Myanmar market.
  • bitumen drum 200 and 210Kg with 57 diameter it is 91mm is height and 10Cm hole.

2. Bitumen in Jumbo bag

Bitumen in jumbo bag has several sizes:

  • 380Kg bag  and 63 bag per 20ft.
  • 1000Kg bag   per bag and 20 bags per container
  • 1000Kg  bag in steel frame and 20 jumbo per 20ft.
  • 1300Kg super jumbo bag per in

3. Bitumen in metal tin can

  • bitumen packed in tin 35cm height and 18cm LxW

4. bitumen in bitutainer

  • 22MT bitumen in bitutainer

5. bitumen in bulk vessel

  • We can supply bitumen in bulk vessel in hot form from 1500MT to 70000MT.

6. Shipping the bitumen in truck tanker

  • There is two types of tanker with single and double layer tanker and take between 22 to 26MT and carry heating parts to melt the bitumen at destination.

Ductility of bitumen 60/70

An asphalt composition having high ductility at low temperatures is obtained by hot-mixing asphalt and 3 to 7 wt. % of sulfur, based on the weight of asphalt, at temperatures below 300° F. Small amounts of rubber further increase the ductility.We recommend to add extender oil and we sell it in various viscosity 10 and 20 also 30-40.

Viscosity of 60/70

It is between 1600 to 2400.The viscosity of bitumen 60/70 penetration grade is the measure of its resistance to flow which affects resistance to deformation of the mixture. Wax content of bitumen effect in viscosity of bitumen directly and change the index too much so as much as less wax the flow and asphalt job is more easier.

Uses of bitumen 60/70

Bitumen 60/70 is suitable for road construction and for the asphalt pavements with superior properties. This type of bitumen used in the manufacturing of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses and the main usage of this product is used in the road in mild regions. The bitumen is provided during the presses of oxidation of vacuum bottom in bitumen production units. Due to its medium air blowing and penetration, it is used in mild areas.

Properties of bitumen 60/70

jey pasargad’s bitumen 60/70 is fully qualified and guaranteed through the expertise of our international inspectors to ensure the quality meets the industry standards. jey pasargad’s bitumen is guaranteed to meet ASTM standard.

Guaranty/warranty of bitumen

We guaranty the quality of bitumen 60/70 with arrangement of international inspector to check quality and quantity of the bitumen during the loading to vessel and controlling the production by QC by batch test report before shipping. jey pasargad guaranty the quality to meet with ASTM/EN 12591.

Specification and data sheet of penetration bitumen 60/70

Bitumen 60/70Test methodUnitSpecification
Specific gravity @ 25°CASTM D70kg/cm³1.01-1.06
Penetration @ 25°CASTM D5mm/1060-70
Softening pointASTM D36°C49-56
Ductility @25 °CASTM D113cm100 min
Loss on heatingASTM D6wt %0.2 max
Drop in penetration after heatingASTM D5-D6%20 max
FlashpointASTM D92°C232 min
Solubility in TrichloroethyleneASTM D2042wt %99 min
Spot testAASHOT102 –Negative

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