About Us

About Us

ATDM was established as one of the pioneers in bitumen production in Iran in 2003. The company benefiting from many branches around the world is active on the international scene. ATDM provides a variety of Iran bitumen with standard ASTM and distributes them all over the world with a view to continually enhancing the industry’s health and safety standards, as well as its technical progress. Our mission is to promote the efficient, effective and safe use of bituminous binders in road, industrial and building applications. ATDM holds numerous international certifications in the production and distribution fields. Our members are committed to high quality, worldwide product standards and best practice in the safe transport and handling of bitumen. ATDM with a positive attitude to attract foreign investment as one of the most important factors of economic development is a pioneer in attracting foreign investors in recent years. Sign cooperation agreements and conclude investment contracts with foreign companies are among these successes. ATDM has the capacity of management and implementation of major projects with the involvement of foreign and domestic partners. Our main goal is satisfaction of our partners in these projects.

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  • We believe our development and application of technology is central to our reputation and competitive advantage. For us, technology is the practical application of scientific knowledge to manage risks, capture business value and inform strategy development. This includes the research, development, demonstration and acquisition of new technical capabilities and support for the deployment of ATDM know-how.

  • The company benefiting from experienced and specialized personnel and using new technologies in the world performs specific business models to meet customer requirements. We employ nearly 150 people, including 100 people in Iran and the rest in abroad. The qualities and abilities of our employees have a powerful effect on our ability to compete and meet our commitments to investors and the wider world. We provide a range of professional development programs and training to help our employees develop their skills and capabilities.

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  • We aim to be excellent in the markets in which we choose to participate – those that allow ATDM to serve lots of bitumen markets around the world. The main objective of the company is customer satisfaction. This objective is achieved by reducing customer costs while maintaining high quality. We are committed to building long-lasting relationships, meeting our obligations and acting responsibly. We are responsible for the manufacturing, marketing, transportation, and supply and trading of our products and related services to wholesale and retail customers around the world. ATDM is proud of offering the best service to customers. Our goal is to become the most complete reference for bitumen in the Middle East and the world, through holding meetings and conferences, exhibitions, seminars and specialized training and publication of textbooks.

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