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Emulsion Bitumen

Emulsion is a mixture of two immiscible liquid phases which the internal phase is dispersed as droplets within the outer phase. The emulsion particle diameter is between 1/0 to 5 micron but particle diameter is larger than real cutback and colloidal states. Without using substances called emulsifier, the suspension would not be stable and the two immiscible liquids (e.g. oil and water) will quickly separated into two distinct phases. This is due to the increased contact area between two phases, resulting in increased interfacial energy level, the system has an unstable mode and by separation of the two phases, the system reaches a stable state.

Emulsions can be classified into several categories:

1- Depending on suspended phase kind, divided to two groups including water in oil and oil in water.

2- Depending on type of suspended materials, divided to three groups including, anionic, cationic, and non-ionic.

3- Depending on velocity in fracture and disport of two phases, divided to three major groups: rapid setting, medium setting, and slow setting.

Bitumen emulsions used in road construction for preparation of cold asphalt, surface asphalt, one coat, etc. in addition, usages such as mulch in sand dune stabilization, protective coatings, and roof insulation are widespread too.

Amongst its usages, followings can be included: Thin coating- spot deletion- sedimentation- surface asphalt- sealing line with sand- slurry sealing- slurry sealing without aggregate- very thin protective asphalt.

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