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CutBack Bitumen

In the UK, new standards make no reference to cutback bitumen. Since the UK continues to use significant volumes of cutback bitumen, will continue to be in use for the foreseeable future. Environmental issues and rising oil price and consequently its valuable solvents such as kerosene and gasoline are reasons to prevent renewal and publishing of new standards for cutback bitumen. On the other hand, appearance of emulsion technology which is completely developing and its lack of negative environmental impacts are other reasons for elimination of cutback bitumen. Iran is also aware of the negative effects of cutback bitumen on the environment, but for technical reasons, emulsions still haven’t opened their place and MC-250 cutback bitumen is widely produced. To achieve a specific high viscosity, cutback bitumen obtained from the mixture of high penetration bitumen with kerosene. Cutback bitumen is specified and designated by the Flow time (in seconds) through a standard tar viscometer (STV). Three grades are available: 50sec, 100sec, and 200sec. The majority of cutback bitumen is used in surface dressing but a significant amount is also used for the manufacture of both standard and deferred set asphalts. The table below shows information of ATDMCO cutback bitumen. About ATDMCO bitumen, kinematic viscosity test carried out on sample cutback bitumen. Other tests are almost the same. In addition to STV tests and solubility, cutback bitumen has to comply with a distillation specification and a penetration requirement on the residual bitumen. This ensures that during application and in service, the diluents will evaporate at a consistent and predictable rate and that the residual bitumen will have the appropriate properties in service.

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