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Penetration grade bitumen/ Oiled Bitumen :

Penetration Grade Bitumen is a standard bitumen usually used as a road construction essential for heavy traffic road and for the production of asphalt pavements with various application, and it's very important once it bounds the aggregates and creates a unique cohesion and stability to the bituminous mix.

Bitumen is the term often given to untreated asphalt from the vacuum distillation of crude and the extract from the de-asphalting unit. This is before the stream has been treated, with cut backs or by air blowing to make the various asphalt product grades. In bitumen production the heavy vacuum residue, which is the basis for most bitumen grades, may be air blown. This becomes necessary to meet certain bitumen grades. The air used in this air blowing procedure must be perfectly dry to avoid an explosion in the reactor vessel.

This grade of Bitumen is mainly used in the manufacture of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses.

Penetration Grade Bitumen supplied by ATDM is petroleum grade bitumen, manufactured from vacuum bottom distillation of crude oil. The Bitumen supplied by ATDM is produced from vacuum residue (short residue).

Penetration Grade bitumens are specified by the penetration and softening point test. Designation is by penetration range only. The penetration grade bitumens have a thermoplastic property which causes the material to soften at high temperatures and to harden at lower temperatures. This unique temperature/viscosity relationship is important when determining the performance parameters such as the adhesion, rheology, durability and application temperatures of bitumen.

ATDM supplies all Penetration Graded Bitumen Grades in correspondence to ASTM D946-09 and EN 12591-2009, including:

ASTM D946-09 Grades:
• Bitumen Penetration Grade 40-50
• Bitumen Penetration Grade 60-70
• Bitumen Penetration Grade 85-100
• Bitumen Penetration Grade 120-150
• Bitumen Penetration Grade 200-300

EN 12591-2009 Grades:
• Bitumen Penetration Grade 20/30
• Bitumen Penetration Grade 30/45
• Bitumen Penetration Grade 35/50
• Bitumen Penetration Grade 40/60
• Bitumen Penetration Grade 50/70
• Bitumen Penetration Grade 70/100
• Bitumen Penetration Grade 100/150
• Bitumen Penetration Grade 160/220

Specification :