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Emulsion Bitumen

ATDM offer a wide range of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion that is categorized in various road construction industries. We fabricate liquid Bitumen emulsion using good quality raw materials that conform to ASTM/ IS standards. BOT & NHAI road contractors prefer bitumen emulsion provided by us. Known for their effective performance and high strength ability, Bitumen Emulsion offered by ATDM is highly demanded by our customers. Apart from this, we provide availability of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion in different packing as per the requirements of customers. We are counted as one of the major Liquid Bitumen Emulsion Exporters from Iran.

Variants of bitumen emulsion

• (Rapid Setting-1 & Rapid Setting-2)
• (Medium Setting)
• (Slow Setting-1 & Slow Setting-2)

Packing of bitumen emulsion

• In BULK and 200 Kg steel Drums.

Advantages of bitumen emulsion

Cationic Bitumen Emulsions are versatile products with their uses up-to 10% of total Bitumen used worldwide. It is recommended for a number of applications by International Road Congress (IRC) and Ministry of Shipping Road Transport & Highways (MSRT&H).

• Tack Coat, Prime Coat, Seal Coat, Surface Dressing, Crack Sealing, Cold Mix Bituminous Surfacing.
• When modified with a compatible rubber latex (e.g.: CATLAX) the Cationic Bitumen Emulsions are used in latest Pavement preservation technologies like Micro surfacing.

Method of Use of bitumen emulsion

Stir the bulk stored bitumen emulsion before use. If stored in barrels, roll the Emulsion barrels at-least 6-7 times to provide effective mixing of ingredients. Draw the required quantity and immediately reseal the storage airtight for subsequent use. For Prime Coat, clean the surface to remove dust and unbound material, moist the surface avoiding any standing water and spray bitumen emulsion in correct quantity. Allow to cure overnight. A Slow setting Grade provides the deepest penetration of primed surface, although depth varies with the porosity of the primed layer, ambient temperature, degree of moisture, viscosity of Bitumen Emulsion, chemical nature of aggregates and quantity of Bitumen Emulsion used per Square Meter. For Tack Coat clean the surface to remove dust and debris, if the surface is hungry or excessively hot, apply a fine spray of water avoiding standing water or water run-off. Spray bitumen emulsion in correct quantity and allow to cure. For repair work, clean the surface to remove dust and debris, apply a tack coat with a suitable grade of bitumen emulsion and allow to cure. Mix correct quantity of emulsion with aggregates to get uniform coating, fill in the required place, Compress as required and allow curing. For Special applications / Road Constructions, use as directed by Engineer in charge.

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